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bct-snow-festival-tourThis 10-day tour features many of the spectacular exhibits of snow and ice sculptures, carvings and statues of the Sapporo Snow, Hyoto Ice and Asahikawa Festival.
bct-spring-break-intro-tourEnjoy your spring break on this 10-day tour exploring some of the main cities of Japan. Start the tour off in Osaka and visit the Kaiyukan Aquarium, then to Nara to see the Todaiji Temple and Deer Park.
bct-grand-spring-tourInterested in seeing cherry blossoms? This tour will highlight some of the areas with beautiful cherry blossoms including the ‘shidare sakura’ or the weeping cherry.
bct-circle-hokkaido-tourThis tour will take you around Hokkaido in depth. Thirteen days filled with amazing eats, shopping, sightseeing, onsen baths, morning markets, cherry blossoms, tulip farms and ‘shiba zakura.’